Accessibility Statement



Coast Bar and Brasserie is located to the Loch Promenade of Douglas, for a location map please refer to our website –

Coast Bar and Brasserie is approx. 5 minutes walk from the main Sea terminal:, or a 5 minute car journey.

From the Isle of Man ‘Ronaldsway Airport’ we recommend either a local taxi approx £20 each way, or the Isle of Man bus service which runs directly from outside the airport terminal into Central Douglas.

For buses from the Airport into Douglas:

Services 1, 1A, 2, 10A, 11 and 12 operate Mondays to Saturdays 0555, 0620 then every 20 minutes 0652 until 2212. Sundays 0731, 0827 then every 20 minutes 0912 until 2212.

IOM Airport to Central Douglas £2.70  / £5.00 28 minute’s travel time
IOM Airport to Douglas promenade £3.10  / £5.70 35 minute’s travel time

Please check Taxi / Bus vehicle availability and accessibility with the service provider directly.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair access

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate full time wheelchair users. Regrettably the Coast Bar and Brasserie premises is set back from the sea facing promenade to a raised perspective and the retained original Victorian design and architecture features four external steps from the pavement to the main entrance 1500mm wide x 310mm high and a timber revolving doorway access.

Image of the Coast Bar and Brasserie guest entrance and external access:

Car Parking

Coast Bar and Brasserie does not have a car park. Unrestricted car parking is possible immediately outside the venue on the public roadway as may be available upon your arrival. Reserving car parking spaces to the promenade highway is not possible. There are numerous paid council car parks in the area, please contact us if we may assist with more information on this.

Internal Accessibility

The external steps to enter the restaurant has a bordering handrail to assist persons accessing the property.

The restaurant lavatories do not have wheelchair accessible cubicles.

The floor is of a 100% smooth timber finish. All areas are well lit with ceiling and wall mounted lights using mainly low energy bulbs, however these are dimmed in the evening for atmospheric effect.


Lavatories and sinks are at standard heights as per domestic arrangements. The restaurant lavatories do not have wheelchair accessible cubicles. There are no steps from the main restaurant to the lavatories.

Guest safety

The venue has heat / smoke detectors and fire alarm sounders to local fire certification requirements. Guests requiring special assistance in the event of an evacuation are asked to inform the restaurant on arrival. This information will be passed to local Fire and Rescue services upon their attendance.

Internal print, menus and other written information

We do not have menu information in braille or audio form, however be pleased to assign members of staff to assist persons who may require assistance.

Dogs and Pets

We will accept certain pets and assistance dogs, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Future Plans

Sleepwell Hotels is committed to continuous ongoing improvement of our properties.  Within the limitations of the building, planning and conservation area restrictions and we endeavour to incorporate more features to assist those with disabilities.

Contact Information

Coast Bar and Brasserie
18-22 Loch Promenade
Isle of Man

(01624) 698888



Hours Of Operation:
7.00am until 10.30pm daily, Weekends 8.00am

Local Accessible Taxi:
24 Hours (pre-booked)

Additional Statement from Sleepwell Hotels Ltd:

We consider diversity and equality as the highest importance.  We will not tolerate any discrimination in any form whatsoever against our guests, colleagues and employees, including, discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

We ask that all persons attending or considering attending our hotel please contact us to discuss any requests or individual requirements that we may be able to assist with and we will always endeavour to accommodate, where this may be possible.